Monday, April 11


Due to circumstances beyond my control....
okay, that isn't totally true - the circumstances were once 100% in my control, but then I said yes too many times to too many people and now my circumstances are totally no longer in my control.

So - due to circumstances no longer in my control the last few days have been the kind of busy that leaves me enough time to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine before nodding off to sleep. There have been work commitments, Princess commitments, pet commitments, youth sports commitments and single parenting while Mr. Motorcycle was business traveling commitments..... and I still haven't finished the taxes.

Needless to say the blogging has once again gone to the back seat of the CursingMama Mobile, it isn't forgotten by any sense of the imagination because it is a lot like that trailer hitch that bangs and clanks when I drive over bumps or take corners too fast (which you can safely assume happens often). BUT!
it's Tuesday and I've 10 things to tell you about - -

My Top 10 Favorite Snacks

1.) Fried Green Beans from O'Gara's Bar and Grill in St. Paul ~ also available from O'Gara's at the State Fair...if you haven't had them you are missing out!

2.) Fried Mushrooms - doesn't matter where they are from as long as they are crispy on the outside and firm yet cooked on the inside... no soggy rubbery mushrooms for me.

3.) Popcorn - plain, flavored (particularly the Cheese kind) makes no difference it's a staple.

4) While we're talking cheese.. I like a lot of Cheese stuffs - and the real thing included - but I do not discriminate against cheese balls, cheetos, easy cheese - - Didn't say this was a gourmet list.

5.) Raw veggies & dip - ranch or hummus preferably. And I like most veggies so I'm an equal opportunity veggie eater.

6.) Fresh tortilla chips & queso. I will admit that I REALLY like the chips & queso from the local chain place whose symbol is a pepper - REALLY like it.

7) Low Fat Wheat Thins. Also known as Crack

8) Toast with almond butter (I'm particularly fond of Trader Joes brand spouted whole grain bread as my toast)

9) Skinny Cow Ice cream sandwiches

10) Potato Chips - bbq, plain, sour cream & onions - the crispier the better.

It is no wonder I need to work out more when you look at what I snack on.


Kailyn said...

I like hummus with artichokes but with everything else I prefer a dill dip.

Ann in the UP said...

From what I've read so far, you're way ahead in the healthier snack division. My list is a disaster. No wonder I outweigh a tank!

KatMcD said...

I completely forgot to put cheese on my list. I guess I was craving chocolate today.