Friday, December 17

Merry Festivus Cards

I occurred to me this morning that I have not sent a single holiday card from my family. I've sent close to 100 of them from my company so I can't even convincingly use the excuse that I totally forgot that people send these things.

The evidence is stacked against me.

Around September 15th I went on-line and chose several card options for the company. I recorded their pluses, minuses, cost's and put it all into a nice little spreadsheet that included pictures of the cards and their (read:my) suggested greetings.

The following day I paraded around the office with my fancy spreadsheet which somehow found it's way into a protective binder page thingy so people did not defile it's wonderfulness and encouraged my coworkers to give feedback on the choices. Note: I did not authorize a vote.

By September 17th the Card Thing had lost it's shine as people were not choosing the card I wanted. Instead they kept pointing out one that I had thrown in to give MY CARD an advantage. I don't remember exactly what it looked like or where it was from but I really thought it resembled a pile of poop in the snow and not the "logs" and tree scene it claimed to be.

On September 30th I ordered 125 cards. Because nobody was in the office at the time and I HAD to get the order in that afternoon to get the early order discount I made an executive decision and chose a card that was not a logs and tree winter scene.

The cards were delivered mid-October; I kept them in the back of my filing cabinet so they wouldn't get dirty but got all the envelopes addressed and ready to be stuffed as soon as everyone had signed the cards.

On November 19th I sent the stack of cards around to be signed so I could stuff them in the envelopes, put postage on them, and get them in the mail on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I marked them "URGENT" and received no comments on the cards design, only on the need to rush. It is terribly sad when things aren't delivered as early as we'd like.

On November 22nd all the cards hit the maibox & I called that job Done!

Until this morning, when I realized I never ordered any cards for myself.

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