Wednesday, September 1

My First Post - Scary!

I love it, you set this thing up and it just expects you to be brilliant and have something to say this very minute. Well, I didn’t have anything to say, shocking for me, so I decided to think on it before I made post #1

The whole point of starting this blog, is really to get back to writing. To get away from always being a reader and find that person who used to write, who used to be creative, who used to have at least some kind of talent, or so I was told. I know she’s still in here, I can hear her once and a while, so I’m just going to write until she shows up for good again.

I guess a good place to start is with the statistical data, answer the burning question “Who is Cursing Mama, and where the hell did she come from?” I’m 34 years old, have lived in the same Midwestern state my entire life, I’ve been married for almost 14 years to my husband (whom I haven’t come up a clever name for as yet) and have two children, a 12 year-old boy and 9 year-old girl (who are also unnamed as yet).

I learned a long time ago that my writing inspiration typically comes from my own life, my own experiences, my family. Initially the characters are easily identifiable, but as time wears on they become unique beings, much different from their original inspiration. Because of this I have decided that the only person in my real life who will know about this blog is my husband (HI!); not even the kids will know.

To help keep this blog a secret, and despite the lessons learned from the Sarcastic Journalist & Dooce, I’ll be posting mostly from work. I’m not too concerned about someone from my office finding me, they aren’t that computer or internet savvy, and this blog won’t really be about work, that’s what cubes are for. This blog will really be based upon my own life, my thoughts, my frustrations, and hopefully eventually the writer will be back to stay.

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gblinn said...

if you work at it, it'll all come back