Friday, March 1

I really don't have much to say!

It has been quite a while since I've found something worth writing about here.  Like all the other times I've relied on photo snippets from life, I am busy living my life, but nothing of any great consequence has happened that I feel like translates into blog fodder.

In fact, what I've come to notice is that my tastes in blog fodder have changed dramatically over the last few years.  I breeze through posts, almost bemoaning those that are more akin to novellas instead of quick updates with relevant photos to either grab my attention... or let me go knowing I can live without the information.

The half hearted posts photo heavy posts that are really just one photo after another of nothing with nonsense words linking them from one to the next... not for me.  The photo heavy cooking posts showing every single (minuscule) step... not for me either.

Not that I think I'm doing this perfect here either... I'm pretty sure quite the contrary is true.  I certainly don't follow any of the rules to be a "successful" blogger... but I'm a rule breaker by nature and I never really intended to be successful or popular.  I just intended to blather on and see if anyone was interested in what I have to say.

This week, I find I don't really have anything exciting to say.... we are just living our lives like we always have, going to work, going to the gym, cleaning the house, playing with the zoo, making sure the kids are happy, healthy, and doing their homework.  We haven't painted a room, cooked a remarkable dinner, planted the garden, or bought anything fun.  The kids are pretty much off limits for their own privacy & because I don't have anything to say about what they're up to these days - although I am wildly proud of both of them if that helps.

Mr. Motorcycle & I are headed to the Home and Garden Show tonight... I have a list of items to investigate (flooring, patio, cabinetry, laundry appliances) maybe after that I'll have something to say.

It's Friday - enjoy wearing your jeans & have a safe Happy Hour!


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kmkat said...

I thought longingly of attending when I saw the billboard for the Home & Garden Show, but I would have to bring a wheelchair -- where's the fun in that? Besides, we need to FINISH what we have started, not get more ideas. You two have a great and imaginative and inspiring time, though!